Sathorys Elenorth



Distant Art Creations, borns at the 2007, when the music composer Sathorys Elenorth begins his personal way as photographer and visual artist.
Passionate by the abandoned places and the oniric reality always hunting of the lost portraits in the hidden side of our world...
His photographic concept is near to the Zen philosophy and the romanticism, where the elements are looked like a distant view of the conventional art.
Distant Art Creations is an strange mix between the visual acts and the music becouse only a musician can see through of the feelings that remains inside the musical minds...


I'm a Catalonian 32 years old, currently studying history art at University of Barcelona and in the past i was formed like a interior designer at the High Art school of Terrassa (Barcelona).
Passionate by the music and the art, i'm the composer of the different musical acts like Narsilion, Der Blaue Reiter, Endless Asylum & Lugburz.
My specialty as photographer, is in the world of the music festivals and promotional image for the bands. Also work in the cinema world and the fashion portraits.

If you would like to purchase prints or give any feedback on my work, feel free to send me an email at

Sathorys Elenorth 2011


  • Photography
  • music
  • art history
  • architecture & interior design.


  • 3d Max
  • V- Ray
  • photoshop
  • autocad
  • lightroom
  • cubase
  • pro tools
  • final cut
  • avid...